July 11, 2016 Edwin Hayden

Why I Refused Home Care Services Even Though My Family Insisted in Old Saybrook, CT

Many times, older adults are resistant to receiving help even though it is necessary. Home care services can offer seniors assistance with every day activities such as household chores, managing medications, shopping, transportation, handling finances, and more. Yet seniors are refusing to take advantage of the opportunity to get help.

Family members are not always available to take on the responsibilities that come with caregiving for various reasons. They look to hiring in-home care service only to be met with resistance by their elderly loved one. Why is it so hard for them to accept a little help?

One elderly gentlemen answered this question about refusing home care services even though his family insisted by saying it made him feel old. Seniors often feel that receiving help from others indicates that they are old and can no longer do the things they used to. They feel that by receiving help it is saying they can no longer function independently.

Having their ability to function on their own in question, seniors sometimes engage in dangerous activities to prove their youth. They tend to do the opposite of what they are being told not to for safety reasons. This could include driving, using equipment they shouldn’t be, disregarding medical advice, etc.

  • Seniors become more argumentative to express their frustration with being made to feel old.
  • Seniors feel the need to prove themselves by doing things they shouldn’t and bragging about it.
  • Seniors take drastic measures to prevent others from participating in any health or living concerns.
  • Seniors pretend to take the advice of their loved ones but continue in secret doing the very things they were advised against.

Fear of losing their independence is the main reason elders refuse home care services. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that they can still maintain a certain level of independence along with receiving some help in certain areas of everyday living.

There are techniques that you can try to communicate your concerns with your elderly loved one:

  • Get to know them – Don’t be too quick to make judgments regarding their capabilities before observing and identifying exactly what they need help with. Acknowledge their strengths along with discussing your concerns.
  • It’s not always what you say but how you say it – Choose your words carefully and use the right tone for proposing help. Don’t be condescending but understanding and encouraging. Point out the positives.

Home care service can make a world of difference in the life of an elder. Convincing them of the positive side to receiving assistance can be challenging but in the end it is worth the time and effort.

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