July 11, 2017 Edwin Hayden

Senior Care in Madison, CT: Following an Anti-Cancer Diet

Cancer is a pervasive disease that strikes every family in some way or another. It’s been stated that every person either has had a brush with cancer or knows someone close to them that has. Whether this has been proven to be true or not, it can’t be denied that cancer rates are astonishing.

When choosing which senior care services are best suited to your elderly father, you can stipulate that you want him to follow a specific diet plan. If you can get him to sit down with you and agree on the diet plan, he is more likely to cooperate with his caregiver when she cooks him the meals that fall within this plan.

Senior Care in Madison, CTThe anti-cancer diet would omit:

  • Processed foods, especially those that have added nitrates and nitrites, added sulphites and preservatives. Some examples are processed meats like sausages and pepperoni.
  • Processed food that has had the nutrients stripped out, like white flour.

The anti-cancer diet includes more of the following:

  • Plant foods, like fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Frozen and canned are alright but not as good as fresh.
  • Whole grains like oatmeal, barley, whole wheat, quinoa, brown rice and flax.
  • Beans, legumes and lentils.
  • Fish and a small amount of lean meat.

Why are plants so good at fighting cancer? Partially because they contain less fat, are rich in fiber and have other nutrients that fight cancer. These three reasons are why fresh plant foods are so good for helping your body fight off cancer. They also support and strengthen your immune system.

There are some small changes you can make to help your dad get used to the anti-cancer diet. Here they are:

  • Switch out his white bread for whole wheat. Give him variety like whole wheat pita bread, whole wheat tortillas, etc. to keep it interesting.
  • Give him more vegetables in his sandwich – a little more lettuce and tomato for example.
  • Switch his processed meat for fresh cooked meat. For example, instead of bologna in his sandwich, put in thin slices of cooked chicken breast.
  • Instead of a bowl of sugar-coated flaked cereal in the morning, make him some cooked oats with cinnamon and chopped apple in it.
  • For snacks, make sure he has access to some little pieces of dried fruit, or trail mix with nuts and seeds instead of potato chips or cheese twists.
  • Add some cooked grated carrots to the tomato sauce used on pasta. It adds a little texture, improves the flavor and is another way to increase the intake of vegetables.

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