February 20, 2016 Edwin Hayden

Senior Care in Brandford, CT: What to Do When A Loved One Avoids Questions about Their Health

Senior Care in Brandford, CTThe first time that Obed visited his mother after being out of town for awhile, he wasn’t quite sure what to think. He noticed that she had a good sized bruise on her left arm, above the elbow, but when he asked her about it, she brushed it off, didn’t talk about it, and focused on talking about his trip. The yellow mark kept gnawing at his thoughts, though, as he drove home that evening.

When he stopped by to see her the following week, there was another bruise, this one on her cheek. She lived alone and as far as he knew, she wasn’t seeing anyone, so he couldn’t imagine where she could be getting hurt. He brought it up again and still she dodged the questions.

“But this is something serious,” he pursued, to her avoiding eye contact when talking about it, which usually indicated that there was much more to the story.

Obed went home that evening and talked to a few friends whose parents were in their late 70s, like his mother. One of them suggested that she could have fallen, or that she’s having some trouble doing certain things around the house. They suggested that he consider talking to her about senior care.

On the next visit, he didn’t notice any new bruises, but she was wearing long-sleeves and slacks and seemed guarded. When she winced once, reaching for something in the upper cabinets, that’s when Obed brought up the subject of senior care services.

“You won’t tell me how you get those nasty looking bruises, so unless you’ve taken up boxing” she smirked, then laughed at that, “then I have to assume you’ve gotten hurt trying to do too much around the house.”

He could tell from her expression that this was the problem and they sat down and discussed all of the senior care options that were available to her. Falls are one of the more common causes of injuries for seniors. The muscles in their legs aren’t as strong as they once were and this could lead to balance issues when they are trying to reach for something, or when they are navigating up and down stairs. His mother agreed to have a home care provider come in a few times a week and help with some of the things that had caused her to get hurt. Obed was relieved to have someone visiting more often that could help keep his mother safe, and that he had followed his instinct and pressed his mother on the issue before she got seriously injured.

For Obed, he recognized that something wasn’t quite right and once they worked together to determine the right level of senior health care services for her, she was happier, more lively, and she didn’t have new bruises every time he visited.

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