May 23, 2017 Edwin Hayden

Numerous Health Benefits of Pet Ownership – Branford, CT

This is a picture of Red, belonging to Ed Hayden, one of 9 puppies born to River, Ed’s labradoodle. Ed Hayden is the owner of “No Place Like Home Care” and has been breeding labradoodles for a while. River has just had her first litter of 9 puppies. More details of the puppies can be found here at

There are numerous health benefits of pet ownership. In March 2011 a study conducted by Michigan State University showed that promoting dog ownership and dog walking helped many people exercise more. Dr Matthew Reeves co-author told the Journal of Physical Activity and Health “ the findings suggest public health campaigns that promote the responsible ownership of a dog, along with the promotion of dog walking, may represent a logical opportunity to increase physical activity ”The younger and older dog owners benefitted the most, with significant increases in their weekly exercise after owning a dog.

Ed Hayden, owner

Ed Hayden, owner

The University of New York at Buffalo conducted a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine September 2002 they discovered that pet owners have significantly lower resting blood pressure and heart rates under stress when compared to non -pet owners. The study placed the subjects under stress by doing mental math problems and also physically stressing them by placing their hands in ice water. The subjects who had pets present recovered from the stress significantly faster than the non-pet owners. The presence of a pet was even more significant than the presence of a spouse for recovery time.

These 2 studies illustrate health benefits of pet ownership. It can be particularly enriching for an elderly person who is living alone, to care for an animal. Clearly the logistics of pet care need to be within the senior’s grasp but the ability to care for and be loved by another living being cannot be underestimated.