February 27, 2017 Edwin Hayden

How a Short Rest Can Improve Elder Care in Guilford, CT

Elder Care in Guilford, CTThere are have been a number of studies conducted through the years that highlight the power of a short rest. Within the professional working environment, it has been reported that productivity actually increases when workers are permitted to take a short nap right after lunch. This is usually 15 to 30 minutes, and no more. If that short bit of rest can make a difference for major corporations, then just think about what it could do for elder care.

The elderly home care provider is generally under a lot of pressure, whether it’s a paid professional or family caregiver. For many caregivers, they have overloaded schedules, running from one job to the next, taking care of multiple people, or having families of their own to care for. Even if the caregiver is a live-in caregiver, they will often be working far more than the usual 40 hour work week, even though they aren’t clocking in or out like other types of workers do.

No matter what level of care your loved one might require, it’s a good idea to remember that any amount of rest can be beneficial, not only for the caregiver, but also for your elderly loved one.

What level of rest are we talking about?

Depending on the individual, their personal schedule during the day, as well as the week, and how long they work with or care for your loved one, you could be talking about a few minutes to a weekend off, or even an entire week’s break.

A fifteen minute break for the caregiver, if she spends at least a few hours a day with your loved one, could provide her with the energy and stamina to continue to offer the best care for the patient. When you’re run down and tired, though, you may not feel like you’re focused. When a caregiver is not focused properly, then this could potentially lead to a lower quality of care, which can lead to mistakes.

If you have a live-in caregiver for your mother, for example, you may already know that vacations are a consideration. However, what if you notice that the caregiver does a lot for your mother and that she’s beginning to appear fatigued, worn out, or run down? You might offer her a few extra days off.

Short rest can equal a boost in the quality of care that the elderly patient receives. That would mean better overall elder care.

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