January 3, 2017 Edwin Hayden

Home Care Services in North Branford, CT are becoming the Popular Choice

Many families are choosing home care services for their loved ones before any other option. Although assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities can provide a happy environment, who wouldn’t want to remain in their home full of memories and comfort if they could.

Home health care services is becoming the popular choice and one of the fastest growing divisions in senior care because of the many options that are available to better suit each individual’s personal needs. You can receive both medical and non-medical care.

Another reason for opting for home care is that patients can be released sooner from the hospital. This is because services can now be carried to seniors in their home.

Home Care Services in North Branford, CTBeing able to remain in the comfort of their own home surrounded by their personal belongings instead of in an unfamiliar environment has been proven to be effective for emotional healing. It also allows seniors to feel some level of independence no matter how small it may seem to others. Living at home provides a greater sense of overall well-being to aging seniors.

Family members and friends can visit and stay as long as they want with their loved one when they are in their home. At nursing home and hospitals, visiting hours are restricted to certain times.

The cost of an in-home care provider can be much more affordable, depending on the hours needed, than nursing home or other facilities. This is especially true for seniors who require little supervision and help with some of the daily or weekly tasks that come with living at home.

Some of the home health care services provided include

  • Household Maintenance – can include help with laundry, shopping, and housekeeping.
  • Transportation – is a major issue for many older adults. Someone who can help with getting your loved one to places such as dr.’s appointments, shopping, visiting friends, or hair appointments can relieve a lot of stress.
  • Personal Care – can include help with bathing, getting dressed, and preparing meals.
  • Day Programs – will help to keep seniors busy with activities and allow them time to socialize with others.

You may opt to be the caregiver for your loved one at home as many seniors and families don’t like the idea of strangers in their house. However, keep in mind that being a caregiver can be physically and emotionally exhausting and stressful if you are trying to take on too much by yourself. In order to keep your relationships healthy, recognize the signs of being overwhelmed and don’t be afraid to reach out for help from another source. Rely on home care services when they are available.

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