May 31, 2016 Edwin Hayden

Home Care Services in Guilford, CT and Summer Vacations

If the word summer can bring to mind only one thing for many families, that one thing would be “vacation”. Many people look forward to the blissful stretch of the summer all year and just can’t wait until it is finally there so that they can head out on their annual trip with their family. Whether it is to the same place where they have been for the past dozen years, or a new adventure every year, going on summer vacation is an amazing opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones and build lifelong memories. For those who provide senior care for aging loved ones, however, the thought of taking a summer vacation can seem like a thing of the past. This does not have to be the case.

As an in home care provider for an aging adult, the value of rest, relaxation, and fun is extreme. Particularly if you are juggling caring for children, a marriage, a career, and an aging adult, you may feel burned out and overwhelmed. You need to take time to care for yourself and your other family members. This is not just good for you; it is also Home Care Services in Guilford, CTgood for your role as a care provider. Instead of thinking about cancelling this year’s summer vacation, or sending your spouse along without you, start planning for your vacation and the senior care help that will make it happen.

Hiring home care services for your aging loved one for the time that you are gone is a highly effective way you can feel confident your aging loved one will continue receiving the care and assistance that she needs while you are getting the rest and recreation that you need. If it is simply impossible to consider bringing your aging loved one along with you, hiring a care provider for this time will give both of you peace of mind.

Some things you should do while planning a summer vacation away from your aging loved one include:

  • Gather important documents and information about your loved one’s conditions and care, and put them in an easily accessible place for the caregiver’s reference.
  • Write out schedules, notes, and instructions to help the caregiver provide the best assistance and care throughout the week.
  • Leave notes for your aging loved one expressing your love for her, and how much you miss her. You can also send postcards while you are gone to help her feel more like a part of the trip.
  • Get excited about your trip! Just starting your planning can help take pressure and anxiety away from your caregiving responsibilities and help you relax.

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