May 3, 2016 Edwin Hayden

Planning Outings for Your Loved One and His Home Care Services Companion in Branford, CT

Hiring an in home care provider for your aging loved one can make a tremendous difference in his quality of life. If you are not able to provide frequent or ongoing care for your aging loved one, hiring home care services can mean that he has access to a more active and productive lifestyle. By planning outings for your loved one and his home care services companion, you can make sure that your aging loved one has access to fun and exciting activities on a regular basis. Planning these outings also gives you peace of mind that you know where your loved one is at all times, and that the activities in which he is participating are safe and appropriate.

Home Care Services in Branford, CTYour some tips for planning outings for your loved one and his home care services companion:

  • Choose activities that will be enjoyable for both people. When your aging loved one is able to enjoy activities of his home care services companion, he is more likely to develop a friendly relationship that improves care outcome.
  • Be careful to choose activities that do not increase the amount of work that the home care services companion will have to do. This means understanding the mobility issues and cognitive challenges that your aging loved one copes with on a daily basis, and choosing activities that will not strain these limitations to a point at which the home care services companion is worried or stress throughout the entire activity.
  • Research the activity you have chosen well in advance, and gather as much information as possible so that both your aging loved one and the home care services companion are prepared for what this activity entails, and can make plans for how they will handle it and any emergency situations that may arise.
  • Provide a prepaid debit card or cash to cover all expenses related to the activity. This includes gas money, admission, participation fees and food during the day. Having these expenses covered this way will ensure that your home care services companion and aging loved one are able to participate fully in the activity, and enjoy their outing together.

After the activity, take the opportunity to discuss your loved one’s day with him. Ask him to tell you about what he did, what he saw and how he felt about it. You may be surprised at what he takes out of the activities you plan.

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