October 23, 2016 Edwin Hayden

Home Care in Branford, CT after Pneumonia

Pneumonia no longer has the same agonizing grip over the population of the developed world as it used to in the early 20th century. However, pneumonia still remains a severe risk in the elderly population. For the aging senior, recovering from a serious bout of pneumonia could take months.

The last thing you want to happen is your loved one must be readmitted to the hospital. It’s better to plan ahead and make sure you have everything ready at her home for a comfortable and hopefully speedy recovery.

Home Care in Branford, CTTips for a good recovery from pneumonia

  1. Hire a home care service to provide a caregiver for your loved one. This will help her in many ways because someone will always be there for her, making her healthy meals and ensuring she follows the doctor’s orders, etc.
  2. Follow doctor’s orders. Your loved one might be tempted to quit taking her prescribed medications once her symptoms start to improve. This is a big mistake. Most of the oral antibiotic medications need 10-14 days to completely eradicate the pneumonia from her body. Her caregiver can make sure she takes her medications on time each day by giving reminders.
  3. Get adequate rest. Yes, she will need to take it easy and avoid strenuous physical or mental activities so her body can recover. She will need lots of rest to recuperate. If she is up making her own meals and cleaning up in the kitchen it doesn’t count as resting and that’s where the home care service can really help out.
  4. Avoid cold air. When sick with pneumonia it’s not good to go outside in the cold air. It can aggravate the symptoms. If she can’t avoid going out. Her face should be covered with a mask.
  5. Coughing is good. It sure can tire her out, but coughing is usually productive and can help her recover from pneumonia by getting rid of the excess phlegm that has built up in her lungs. Coughing and spitting out this phlegm helps to rid it from her respiratory system. Cough suppressants should not be taken with pneumonia.
  6. The air she breathes should be humidified. This will make it easier for her lungs. Taking baths and showers also helps the necessary moisture to enter the lungs. This moisture helps to break up the phlegm that’s congested in the air pathways.

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