January 10, 2017 Edwin Hayden

Home Care in Branford, CT: Helping Your Elder One Avoid Slips and Falls this Season

Slips and falls are a common accident with the elderly during the winter season. The snow and ice make it very difficult for them to get around their yards and it is easy for them to fall over and break a bone. What makes it all worse is that their aging bones will take a lot longer to heal than most people. This can leave them alone in bed for many weeks as they wait for the injury to get all better. One of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one avoid falls this winter season is to hire home care services. They can provide the services that are needed in order to keep your loved one safe, no matter the weather.

Helps Keep Home Cleaned Up

Home Care in Branford, CTSome of the slips and falls that occur for your elderly loved one will happen inside the house. With the holiday season upon us, there are many extra decorations and presents that are hanging around the house that can easily get in the way. Even after the holidays, some of the decorations will still be in place and causing problems. Instead of worrying about the clutter at your loved ones home, consider hiring home care services. They will be able to stop by as much as you like this holiday season in order to pick up the mess and help your loved one avoid falling on things that are in the way.

Shovels Sidewalks

Ice and snow are two common reasons that most seniors fall during the winter. They may be out trying to clear off the sidewalk or even attempting to run some errands and fall over on a sheet of ice. Rather than letting your loved one walk in these dangerous conditions, you may want to consider bringing in home care services to help you out. They can send someone out after a bad blizzard or a really icy night in order to take care of all the sidewalks and walkways. Not only can they take the time to shovel these passageways, but they can even add some salt or sand to melt away the ice and add a little traction as you walk.

Runs Errands

Errands can be really tricky for your loved one during the winter season and often it is better to just not risk it. If you are not able to get out and run the errands for your loved one, then it is better to call in home care services. They can take your elderly loved one out to get the errands done or they can just do the errands for them. Either way, this is a much safer option than letting your loved one battle the cold on their own.

Do not risk the health and safety of your elderly loved one this winter season. Instead, hire home care services to help make life a little safer for them and to avoid dangerous slips and falls.

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