January 23, 2017 Edwin Hayden

Giving Live-In Care for Seniors a Much Needed Break in Guilford, CT

Caregiver in Guilford, CTWhen Betty would visit her mother on a few afternoons a week, she would spend some time talking to the live in care for seniors provider that was taking care of her. Betty got to know Marian quite well through the months of care that she provided and she knew that he mother thought the world of her. One day, when Betty was sitting down with her mother and Marian was in another room in the house, her mother mentioned that she wanted to find a way to give Marian some time off.

Betty thought that meant just calling the home care agency that had placed Marian with her mother and getting someone to ‘fill in,’ but Betty’s mother didn’t want a stranger coming to live with her for a few days. She thought it would be a good idea to have Betty come and stay with her, or for her to go stay with Betty for a weekend.

Betty wasn’t too sure about this situation as she and her mother had a habit of being headstrong and butting heads. However, her mother said that she noticed her live in caregiver was seeming to be sad lately, as though she was feeling depressed. She had tried to talk to her about whatever was bothering her, but she wouldn’t say anything was wrong. Betty’s mother was attuned to what her caregiver was feeling and knew that she simply didn’t go out very often because Betty’s mother needed assistance for much of the day.

Still, she figured that she and her daughter could get along well enough for a weekend once a month, or maybe one day during the week, too, to help give her live in caregiver a much needed break.

Betty decided to talk about this situation with the agency that had placed her with her mother. They noted that it can be stressful at times for the live in home care provider, considering that the service they provided could be considered 24-hour; they are on call the entire time.

Betty decided to take her mother’s suggestion and they began to give the live in caregiver some much needed time off. Betty just never thought much about it until her mother brought it up, and she was glad that she did. Her mother’s caregiver seemed happier, more robust each week now and her mother also noticed an improvement. In time, the three of them became close. Sometimes, live in care for seniors providers could use a break, too. Whether you get that through an agency or give them time off yourself, it helps to recharge the system and be ready to take on the next challenge.

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