July 3, 2016 Edwin Hayden

Elderly Health Care in Clinton, CT: the Changing Landscape and How it May Impact Seniors

Thanks to many factors, elderly health care is constantly changing. While many of the changes that have occurred during the past few decades have been positive, there are some issues that are arising now that could have a negative impact on seniors. Whether you are a family member who has agreed to be an elder care provider or this is your profession, it’s important to be aware of the changes that are occurring so that you can be more prepared to serve the elderly individual in the future.


The main impact on elderly care is and will continue to be the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. This law signed into effect in 2010 requires that every American carry health insurance. The government will be supplementing the cost of the insurance for millions of Americans who can’t afford it otherwise, and in order to offset the staggering expense this will have, the Obama Administration has ordered a 14 percent cut in Medicare spending.

This will directly affect the home health care industry and care for millions of elderly citizens. With less spending on Medicare for these agencies and elder care providers, caregivers may have to spend less time with patients, they may need to cut back on some resources that have, to this point in time been readily available, and some patients may not get the support that they need.

Another provision that is changing healthcare is the demand that hospitals focus on reducing their readmission rates and moving patients out of hospital beds more quickly, which means that patients will be required to recover at home after major illnesses or surgeries rather than being in the comfort and security of a hospital room.

This means that it will be increasingly more important to have the right level of elder care services for the patient at home. If the elderly patient does not have support at home, and if they do not have the right caregivers to help them recover, then this will create more difficult conditions for them in which to recover.

While the landscape of elderly care is going to continue to change in the coming years, it’s important to realize that every single elder care provider can help to make a dramatic difference in the life of the patient for whom they care. They can do this by educating themselves on the best practices and methods to support the elderly individual.

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