November 7, 2016 Edwin Hayden

Elder Care in Old Saybrook, CT: Caring For an Elderly Parent Teaches Us to be Patient With Our Children

Many situations can arise where the behavior and/or activity of a senior parent can try your patience. Senior parents can be stubborn and resistant to change because they have set up a daily routine that might not be the best option for them. It can take quite a bit of work and will certainly try your patience to get them to change something that is not the best course of action for them. Senior parents can be set in their ways and will often fight to keep things the way they are rather than change their routine.

With children the behaviors and activities are different but they can be just as trying with your patience. You don’t want to in anyway hurt the feelings of either your parent or children. In both cases though you have to be consistent and do what is best for them. As much as you want to keep everybody happy there will be times when you have Elder Care in Old Saybrook, CTto put your foot down with both senior parents and children. With your senior parent the lines can get a little blurred because at one point they were your caregiver. Now that the rolls have been reversed it may be difficult for your parent accept this reversal.

Going to the doctor for kids and seniors can be a difficult experience for both kids and seniors. Your senior parent may not want to go because they have a problem that they haven’t talked about with you. Their fear is that the doctor will find something wrong that requires hospitalization or may have a bad outcome. Children don’t want to go because they may be afraid of needles or just might not like being around strangers. In either case you need to use your powers of persuasion to reassure them and get them to feel comfortable about going.

Another thing that kids and seniors may have in common is forgetfulness. Constantly having to tell people to do things over and over can be very trying on your patience. With your parent you have to be careful because this could be a sign of early stage dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If the problem seems to be getting worse you should involve your parent’s physician as soon as you suspect there may be a neurological disorder. Whether it is a senior parent or a child you have to be patient with them because they may need a little reminder now and then to accomplish some things.

If we begin caring for a senior parent while our children are still young there is a lot we can learn about the needs and wants of a child since they may actually be quite similar to the needs and wants of a senior parent. Both need to feel a sense of usefulness and/or making progress in certain things. Whether it is getting good grades for your child or finding a new hobby for your parent there needs to be a feeling of accomplishment in either case. There is a need for a lot of patience when caring for either a young child or a senior parent.

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