July 23, 2017 Edwin Hayden

Elder Care in Madison, CT: Pain Relief Tricks

There is always something in life that comes along and brings us some pain, whether it is momentary or long-lasting. Sometimes we take pain killers for it out of necessity; other times we can find something to do to alleviate the pain without the need for pills. An elderly home care provider probably sees people experiencing some pain now and then. And not only that, but all the bending over and lifting and housework can result in sore muscles.

Elder Care in Madison, CTLet’s look at some tricky ways to relieve pain:

  • Some people shout an inappropriate word. Yes, it’s true! Shouting an expletive may actually help you to overcome some momentary pain. It releases some hormone that eases the sting.
  • Flip through some photos of loving faces. It calms your nerves and spurs the release of a biochemical which blocks the pain processing areas of the brain.
  • Think up a steamy fantasy. This results in less pain and anxiety.
  • Meditate, or take slow, deep breaths. Measuring your breathing helps to deactivate the fight or flight response to pain.
  • Smell a green apple. Sounds funny but it’s true. The smell of a green apple actually reduces headache pain by contracting muscles in the head and neck.
  • Pretend you’re tough and that the pain (or procedure) won’t hurt that much, and it won’t hurt that long. Lower your expectations of the pain. Distract yourself with other thoughts and don’t focus on the pain.
  • Spend time with your very best friend. Your body and mind will look for new ways to cope with the symptoms or the pain when you know you get to hang out with your best friend.
  • Listen to music, move to music and let music take your mind off of the pain.
  • Study some works of art, it’s been shown to help ease pain. It’s especially effective when gazing at works of art you find incredibly pleasing.
  • Boost up your spiritual size. Have faith in something. Whatever your higher power or personal spirituality entails, faith helps to strengthen peoples’ coping strategies and bring improved mood.

Some of these methods not only help with pain reduction, they also help to improve happiness and enjoyment. When a person is laughing and distracted with joyful things that they love to see or hear, they are less likely to feel the pain at the same level as before, and can even “forget” the pain even if for small moments.

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