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Learning Modules

We have broken down the modules into sections. These materials can be accessed via the Family Member Portal (requires login).

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Signs and Symptoms
Dementia from the Person’s Perspective
Diagnosis and Progression
Diagnosis and the Caregiver’s Role
Learning to Communicate Through Dementia
Daily Care: Bathing and Dressing
Daily Care: Toileting and Grooming
Helping Families Cope
Supporting Families of Individuals with Dementia
Environment: Creating a Sense of Calm
Environment: Routines and Consistency for Comfort
Activities: Creating a Well-Rounded Program
Activities: Stimulating Memories and Interaction
Understanding Behaviors: Prevention through Acceptance and Communication
Understanding Behaviors: Diffusing Dangerous Behaviors
Understanding Behaviors: Intervention and Follow-Up
Care Planning and Preparing for End of Life
Wandering and Exit Seeking
Stages of Alzheimer’s
Understanding Alzheimer’s and Related Disordes
Promoting Independence in Daily Living
Creating Moments of Joy, Part 1
Creating Moments of Joy, Part 2
Creating Moments of Joy, Part 3
Memory Enhanced Activities, Part 1
Memory Enhanced Activities, Part 2
Memory Enhanced Activities, Part 3
It’s Saturday Night (tips for easier bathing)
Differing Dementias
Communicating with the Person who has Dementia
Challenging Behaviors: A Framework for Action
Activities for Meaningful Dementia Care
Hallucinations and Delusions with Dementia
Sexuality and Dementia
Medications and Dementia
Self-Care for Dementia Caregivers
Consideration of Care – Families and Environment
Memory Care: The Basics
Memory Care: Setting the Stage for Care
Memory Care: Vital Tools

Skills Checklist

Ambulation Assistance with Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
Bathing – Complete Bed Bath
Bathing – Partial Bed Bath
Bathing – Perineal Care Female
Bathing – Perineal Care Male
Bathing – Shower
Bathing – Tub Bath
Bathroom Assistance
Bathroom Assistance – Bedpan
Body Mechanics for Bath Safety
Change Adult Brief
Commode Assistance
Fall Prevention In and Around the Home
Fall Prevention in Bed
Fall Prevention in the Shower
Make an Occupied Bed
One Person Stand-Pivot Transfer
Transfer In/Out of Wheelchair
Transfer Person from Bed to Chair
Wheelchair Positioning

Disease and Condition Care

The Invisible Side of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
The Hidden Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
Diabetes Care

End of Life Care

Care Goals at the End of Life
Grief and Loss: Care team and Family
Death with Dignity: Medical Aid-in-Dying and Death with Dignity Laws
Death and Dying: Compassion and Ethics

First Aid and Safety

Safe Lifting and Transfer Techniques
Universal Precautions and Bloodborne Pathogens


Understanding the Illness
The Elder’s Experience
Diagnosis and Early Stages
Focusing on the Individual

All of these senior care learning modules are available to clients and clients’ families when you choose No Place Like Home-Care®.

Safety is our #1 priority.


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