May 11, 2016 Edwin Hayden

Holding a Weekly Caregiver Meeting in Branford, CT

Being a senior caregiver for an aging loved one can be a massive undertaking. Depending on the level of mobility challenges, physical illnesses, cognitive issues and other problems your aging loved one faces on a daily basis, the amount of responsibility that you have in terms of providing the adequate care and assistance your aging loved one needs in order to live a safe, healthy, happy and productive life can be truly overwhelming. When this is the case, it is important that you establish a caregiver team that acts as a cooperative to ensure that your aging loved one receives all of the support, care and assistance that she needs on a daily basis. Establishing a caregiver team is not about you not wanting to take responsibility as a caregiver, or trying to push off the responsibilities on other people. Rather, it is you acknowledging that the needs of your aging loved one are beyond what your time and physical abilities allow, and making the choices that need to be made in order to ensure that your loved one is safe, healthy and happy at all times.

After you have established a caregiver meeting, it is important that you remain actively involved in all aspects of your aging loved one’s care. This means acting as the leader of the caregiver team, and staying in close contact with all other members of the team on a regular basis. Holding a weekly caregiver meeting allows all members of the Caregiver in Branford, CTcaregiver team to discuss the care that is provided the week before and plans for the week ahead, as well as any challenges, concerns or difficulties that are on the minds of any of the caregivers.

When you hire or recruit the members of your caregiver team, be sure to emphasize the importance of the weekly caregiver meeting from the very beginning. Make sure that they understand that this meeting is a crucial element of the role as caregiver, and that it is not something that can be missed. Make sure that the caregiver meeting is integrated into the billable hours of any paid caregiver so that she does not feel that she’s being taken advantage of.

Some of the important things that should be discussed at a weekly caregiver meeting include:

  • Any appointments or treatments that are scheduled for that week
  • Recapping any of the treatments or appointments from the week before
  • Any new symptoms or behaviors that have become evident
  • Any concerns or questions that any caregiver has
  • Any plans that are scheduled for the week
  • Any requests for time off or changes to schedule that any of the caregivers may have
  • Reviewing any care guidelines or recommendations that have not been carefully followed
  • Teaching or reviewing any new guidelines or recommendations that has recently been given.

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